Annan Academy Bee Club

Five students from Annan Academy took the SBA Junior Beekeeping exam at the SSBKA Crichton Apiary on Mon 25th June.  They were successful in achieving four distinctions and a credit. They needed over 70% for a credit and over 80% for a distinction. Emily Oakes, Alfie Harrington, Jaimee Kirk, Heather Thompson and Isaac Carey had to light a smoker, open a hive safely, and inspect a brood box full of bees as well as answering questions as part of their practical. They had to submit a beekeeping diary for the year. They also had to do a multiple choice test, build a brood frame and answer more questions on honey bee biology, products, plants and pollination, diseases and pests, honey extraction and much more. They will receive a certificate from the SBA and their teacher and SSBKA committee member Lorraine Johnston gave them their own J tool as a reward. This is a fantastic achievement and a great end to a very exciting and eventful year for Annan Academy Bee Club who have been very helpful to the Association contributing to the RHET day and more recently with the Peoples Project efforts. The SSBKA looks forward to further involvement with Bee Club in the future,

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